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Santa Cruz Crit

by Jeff Vander Stucken

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Turlock Road Race

by Craig Huffman by Katie Truong by Katie Truong

RK#2 – Livermore Crit

e5 = mentored 45+123 =26th 35+123 = cramped source: Erika Kali source: Erika Kali source: Katie Truong source: Katie Truong

Folsom Crit

took a teamie to the ER 🙁 source: Dale Tapley Photography source: Dale Tapley Photography

RK The Bump


team camp

team camp

bicycle racing Jan 12, 2015

Sacramento CX, Lange Twins Winery, District Championships
2015 LangeTwins Cycle Team
kierin school
Giro di SF

Giro di SF

bicycle racing Sep 03, 2014

Lost my man card on the final lap due to yesterday’s incident (someone using my right calf as a brake pad) and therefore slow rolled into 33rd. Full results props to Erika Kali